What Types of Cradle Cap Treatment Are There?

If you have a newborn baby, then you have undoubtedly heard the warnings about “cradle cap.” This is a form of dermatitis that is extremely common in babies and appears as a dry, scaly condition on the scalp. It can also occur in the ears, around the eyes, and the groin. As with most skin issues that affect small children, it is always best to use a natural home remedy if you can, and as long as there appear no signs of infection, this is the cradle cap treatment you should try.

What Is Cradle Cap?

This is actually called seborrheic dermatitis and is similar to dandruff, though it appears much worse since a baby’s hair is so fine or non-existent. It is a temporary rash that peels off and luckily is not contagious. Most doctors will tell you that it is genetic in nature, though it can also be caused by a variety of reasons such as infrequent shampooing or using lotions that are too oily for a baby’s fine skin.

Which Cradle Cap Treatment Is Best?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to use a harsh dandruff shampoo on a child, so it is important that you try to get rid of it in a more natural way that involves no chemicals. The first thing that you will need to do is start washing your child’s hair every day, and work to remove the scales. If they do not come off, you can rub them with mineral oil until they do. It is important not to pick them off if they are not ready to come off or you could end up with an infection on your hands.

In addition to treating the rash itself and getting that to heal, you may also have to worry about the itchiness that it may cause and this is one of the reasons why a natural cradle cap treatment works best. You can use natural products that you already have in your home to relieve the itching and help to heal the scalp or other effected areas.

Where Can You Get More Information?

The “Fast Impetigo Cure” is an online book that is primarily designed for the health of children and adults with impetigo (a bacterial skin infection), but it also helps with all issues related to skin health. This is because it addresses some of the underlying causes that can make skin problems worse, such as nutrition, stress, water intake, and more.

“I followed the techniques and was pleased to see the rash going away within two days.”
– Penny (Testimony)

This book employs a step by step program to get rid of impetigo, but it is also useful as a cradle cap treatment or for those people with chronic eczema.

“Your book is a miracle worker. The home remedies and treatments were very easy to use.”
– Shelley (Testimony)

Is This the Kind of Cradle Cap Treatment That You Should Use?

The last thing that you want to see is your new baby covered in rashes or scales, and that is why finding a cradle cap treatment that you can rely on is important. Many of the natural home remedies that are used in the “Fast Impetigo Cure” are also appropriate for cradle cap treatment as well as eczema, and can continue to be used to ward off any other skin issues in later years. If you suffer from skin problems too, it is good to have a resource that you can go to that won’t require you to buy expensive prescription medications or use dangerous drugs.

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