Do Eczema Home Remedies Really Work?

When you have eczema, your life is miserable. Not only are you covered in rashes that are itchy and painful, but they are embarrassing. You may find yourself wearing long sleeves in summer time because you don’t want anyone seeing your rashes. As a child, this can really change the way that you interact with other people, and the same can also be said for adults. But do eczema home remedies work?

What Is Eczema?

Although medical science isn’t completely sure what causes eczema, it is believed to be some kind of allergic reaction. It is also found in people with high stress levels and those who suffer from asthma. If you are prone to eczema (i.e. you’ve had it in the past), then a stressful situation, too much heat or cold, or exposure to animal dander can be enough to set it off again.

What Eczema Home Remedies Are There?

One of the great things about the internet is that you can immediately go online and see what eczema home remedies people all over the world have used. These range from sitting in a bath of hot water that includes a few ounces of bleach, to drinking enormous amounts of water. Some people suggest that you don’t eat processed sugar, while a pine tar soap may be suggested as a way to cure the itching.

Isn’t There a Prescription for Eczema?

At one time, hydrocortisone cream or ointment was only available by prescription, but now you can buy it in varying strengths at any drug store or grocery store. Although this can help in the short term with some of the itching and may even relieve some of the rash itself, the truth is that you should not use hydrocortisone for long periods of time. Doing so can actually cause permanent damage to the skin or create more problems down the line and that is why eczema home remedies are preferred.

So, although hydrocortisone is often mentioned as a cure for eczema, it should only be used briefly and in very serious cases.

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